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Salutes courses vary depending on the client needs and health trends arising from the services provided. Salutes will offer highly qualified personnel to deliver training, using varied personnel depending on the subject matter.

We ask the client company to provide a brief of their course requirements so that we can ensure the right person and course is implemented.

Our courses will always provide an agenda in advance for your agreement. They will be highly interactive and transferable and can be full or half day dependant upon the subject matter.

Salutes can provide, as part of the package training facilities at it’s offices in Farnsfield, East Midlands which, provides an excellent setting for focus and learning. www.hexgreave.com.

Examples of our courses are below:-

Management of mental health and stress at work

  • What is stress? How does stress relate to wellbeing?
  • Stressors and control measures
  • Creating an environment where staff are both motivated and productive
  • Developing managers and supervisors to understand the impact of management style in identifying, preventing and addressing the onset of work related stress
  • Employer legal obligations
  • How to undertake stress risk assessments
  • Investigating stress related performance, capability and sickness absence issues


  • What is resilience?
  • How to develop individual, team and business wide resilience to maximise performance and improve wellbeing and productivity
  • Understanding ‘presenteeism’ and its impact on resilience to work demands and organisational change
  • Working in line with client absence management policy

Drug and Alcohol training

  • Responsibilities in the workplace; Manager’s/supervisor’s role, HR Occupational health, Confidentiality, support systems (EAP’s) employee openness, reporting systems.
  • Substance testing in the workplace; Pre-employment – Random – intelligence led, with cause testing.
  • The effects of Impairment; Cognitive & physical, motivation – increased accident risk – poor decision making – work place stress – damage to individual & company reputation.
  • Drug recognition techniques; Techniques used by International law enforcement to recognise signs and symptoms of drug / alcohol use – evidence gathering and recording.
  • Drug/Alcohol recognition and substance awareness; Different groups and categories of drugs discussed – prescription medicine – illicit drugs – alcohol awareness
  • Demonstration; Breathalyser - specimen collection - analysis techniques