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Welcome to Salutes Occupational Health

National Occupational Health Provider

Salutes Occupational Health Ltd is a family owned company based in the East Midlands. Established in 2004 by Cathryn Fottles, Salutes has grown from strength to strength over past 14 years in business, with Cathryn utilising her experience in corporate healthcare to ensure a sensible commercial approach and exceptional service to all of Salutes’ clients.

Our ethos
At our core is a dedication to providing uncomplicated, bespoke and environmentally friendly Occupational Health services to clients. Avoiding unnecessary costs, we enable businesses to comply with their corporate social responsibility, duty of care and Health and Safety legislation.

Ideally situated in Robin Hood Country in the middle of the United Kingdom, Salutes is able to provide Occupational Health support and services nationwide, from small to large business. Our efficiency, knowledge and loyalty to our ethos provide the company with consistently high client satisfaction and retention rates.