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Health Surveillance Medicals

Employers have a duty of care to carry out health surveillance where any employee is at risk from certain hazards. By identifying the risks, Salutes Occupational Health Ltd can outline the outcomes and carry out appropriate health surveillance, analysing the data and providing an ongoing health surveillance programme.

The objective being to identify any early signs of work related ill health and to be proactive in preventing these, protecting both the employee and employer. Our services can be completed in a mobile unit, on site or at our offices. Salutes will provide you with the finer details of the screening and review programme in compliance with current legislation.

  • Lung Function Testing – using Spirometry will be required under the COSHH Regulations by employers who have employees working in an environment where they may be at risk from respiratory diseases; for example – dust, chemicals, smoke, mists, gases, vapour, all identified on www.hse.gov.uk.
  • Skin Health Assessments – may be required under the COSHH Regulations for employees working with certain chemicals, dusts and gases.
  • Audiometric Testing – employees working in noisy environments where the Health & Safety Executive Noise Regulations apply under the COSHH Regulations, will require regular hearing tests to monitor their hearing and reduce the risk of suffering Noise Induced Hearing Loss.
  • Hand Arm Vibration Screening (HAVS) – employees who work with vibrating tools including power tools, will require regular HAVS screening under the COSHH Regulations.
  • Night Shift Worker Health Screening – employees working night shifts will need to be offered an Occupational Health assessment under the Working Time Directives. This will determine fitness to work night shifts and highlight adjustments that may be required.
  • Display Screen Workstation Assessments – these are still often referred to as VDU assessments and are regulated under the Display Screen Equipment Regulations (1992, revised 2002). The Workstation Assessments will be required by the majority of employees, including home workers, who use computers, laptops and cctv’s for a part of their working day.
  • Forklift Truck Medical Screening – many employees driving Forklift Trucks will require Occupational Health FLT Medical Assessments; this will ensure medical compliance with the Workplace Transport Safety Regulations.
  • Multi Disciplinary approach – Managing employee health and wellbeing can be complicated. Salutes will work with the various members of the clinical treatment team if results are showing there could be a condition work or non work related. Salutes will liaise direct with specialist in Occupational Disease such as Tier 4 and 5 HAV specialists and GORDS specialists for respiratory problems. Gaining advice through evidence is critical to ensuring the right diagnosis is provided as the impacts on the employee and employer can be both costly to health and finance.
  • Other – Driver Medicals, Safety Critical Medicals and Risk Assessments, pre placement work health assessments.