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Health Promotion & Events

Well-being is a state of being comfortable, healthy, and happy. Here at Salutes we will look at your health trends and focus on those for any health promotion campaigns. Salutes advise a working party is set up where Occupational Health is part of the team.

Health Promotion events and campaigns are more effective if a company commits to the longevity of a program involving various personnel from the company and indeed external experts in the subject matters chosen, example smoke cessation, diabetes , cardiac and diet.

Agreeing a strategy and a plan is the first stages of any wellbeing programme then sourcing local support which can be free in some instances. All to often Salutes find companies want a quick fix and ask Salutes to do diabetic and urine testing, blood pressure day however these can be inaccurate. Salutes believe education, company commitment and forward planning provide the most successful health promotion campaigns. Some of the simplest things can be the most effective.

The 5 ways to mental and physical well-being are:-

  • Connect - with people around you, family, friends, colleagues and neighbours
  • Be active - go for a walk, run, step outside, play a game, gardening, dance and exercise makes you feel good. Find an activity you enjoy and suits your level of mobility and fitness.
  • Take notice – Be curious. Catch sight of the beauty of the world, remark on the unusual, observe the changes of seasons, savour the moment, take time for lunch, to talk to friends and make new friends, reflect on experiences.
  • Keep learning – try something new, rediscover and old interest, sign up for that course. Take no new responsibilities.
  • To give – is time, do something nice for a friend or stranger, thank someone, smile, pay someone a compliment.

Evidence suggests that a small improvement in well-being can help to decrease some mental health problems.

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